Email Job Submission

Your customers can submit orders using a customized email address.

For a customer to be able to submit jobs by email, you must create a customer account for them in RICOH Account Administration with the Turn on job submission by email option selected. A customized email address is automatically created only for that account. Share the email address with your customer.

Then create at least one user account for your customer, with Job Submitter role.

Inform your customer that they can attach these types of files to an email and send them to the customized email address:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
    • Microsoft Office format job submission is a BETA feature supported with RICOH TotalFlow Producer Advanced subscription.
    • Files submitted in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats are converted to PDF.

      Any fonts used should be embedded in the Microsoft Office document. Otherwise, the font is substituted and the resulting PDF might look different from the original file.

The attachments cannot exceed a total size of 28MB.

If the email contains supported and unsupported types of files, it is sent, but only the supported files are attached and processed and the customer receives a confirmation email with information about the order status, order number, submission date and time, and the list of submitted jobs.

If the email contains only unsupported files, it is not sent and the customer receives a failure notice.

When the email is received, an order is created in RICOH TotalFlow Producer and the attached files become the job files.

Let your customer know that the email subject becomes the order name and the body of the email and their email address become job instructions.