Specifying Advanced Imposition Settings

The settings that you specify in Advanced Imposition apply to all the jobs processed through the workflow that contains Imposition activity.
To specify advanced imposition settings:
  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations..
  3. In the Workflows tab, select the workflow where you plan to submit jobs for imposition and click Edit Workflow the edit workflow icon. Or, right-click the workflow and select Editor and Properties....
  4. In the Activities pod, select the Imposition activity and click Copy.
  5. Configure the Advanced Imposition settings:
    1. In the activity properties dialog that opens, select the Job defaults dialog window.
    2. Click Advanced Imposition.
      You see the Advanced Imposition panel:
      Advanced Imposition screen
  6. On the Advanced Imposition screen, configure and apply the imposition settings required for the job.
    1. To create or edit layouts, banner profiles, mark profiles, barcode profiles, or signature profiles, click Configuration button the Configuration button, and select Layout Editor, Banner Editor, Marks Editor, Barcode Editor, or Signature Editor.
    2. Configure all the necessary imposition settings in the Files, Binding, Paper, Trim & Layout, Marks & Banner Sheets, Scaling & Bleeds, and Image Shift panels.
  7. To undo all the changes and return to the default settings, click Reset.
  8. When you have finished specifying the settings, click OK.