Using the Page Numbering Function

The Page numbering function provides an efficient method for numbering the layout pages.
To number pages using the Page numbering function:
  1. On the Advanced Imposition screen, click Configuration button, the Configuration button, and select Layout Editor.
  2. Create a layout.
    For more information, see Creating and Editing Layouts.
  3. Set page numbering options:
    • To update automatically the page numbers on the other side of the sheet, click Options, the Options... button, and select the Mirror Page Numbering or the Mirror Page Numbering Reversed check box.
    • To set the page numbers independently for each side of the sheet, clear the Mirror Page Numbering and Mirror Page Numbering Reversed check boxes.
  4. Click Page numbering, the Page numbering button.
    Open Page numbering screen
  5. On the Page numbering screen, click the layout pages one at a time to increment page numbers.
    Setting page numbers

    To decrement page numbers, hold the Ctrl key while clicking. To use the same page number on several pages, hold the Shift key while clicking.

    The settings area on the left provides information on the next page number in the sequence. If you want to change the value of the next page number, enter new values in the Next value for incrementing numbers field or the Next value for decrementing numbers field.

    You can click a page that has already been numbered to reset all the page numbers.

  6. To save your settings and return to the main Layout Editor screen, click OK.