RICOH Supervisor

Video resources to learn how to use RICOH Supervisor.

RICOH Supervisor Overview

Length: 2:50
Created: April 2021
An overview of the RICOH Supervisor product

RICOH Supervisor Data Collector Overview

Length: 2:25
Created: February 2021
Overview of RICOH Supervisor Data Collector

Real Time Display Overview

Length: 2:33
Created: May 2021
An overview of the Real Time Display feature

Working with Dashboards

Length: 2:34
Created: June 2021
Detailed view of the dashboard tab and filter options

Default Dashboards

Length: 6:24
Created: March 2021
An overview of the three default dashboards in Supervisor: 
Capacity Planning, Printer Utilization, and Job Insights.

Creating Your Own Dashboard

Length: 2:12
Created: January 2021
How to create your own dashboard