Data stream error example 1 (job continues printing):

If page 3 of a 10–page document tries to print outside the valid printable area (an error) and the submitter specified (data-fidelity-problem-reported=all), this occurs:

  1. Pages 1-2 and 4-10 in the document print normally.
  2. For page 3, the printer prints only the data that is inside the valid printable area. In addition, a printer error marker (PEM) is printed on the page where the print data extends outside the valid printable area.
  3. After all 10 pages have printed, a set of messages is printed:
    0420-094: The following messages were generated for file /info/afp/baddata with Job ID 123. This file printed on the InfoPrint destination ip60, which is a 3160 destination.
    0420-484: The destination reported that an attempt was made to print outside of the valid printable area.
    0420-249: InfoPrint received IPDS exception X'08C1..00', action code X'01' from the destination.
    0420-098: The error occurred while printing page 3 of copy 1 of this print job.
    0420-254: The destination reported an error that caused InfoPrint to stop processing the page.