Insufficient memory in the printer exmple:

A 30 page document is submitted. Each page of the document references several complex page segments.

  1. InfoPrint Manager sends pages for the document to the printer.
    • Before each page is sent, InfoPrint Manager downloads page segments that are required by the page.
  2. The printer reports an insufficient memory error to InfoPrint Manager (for page 23).
    • InfoPrint Manager deletes all the page segments (and any other resources) previously downloaded to the printer. All of the printer memory available for resources should now be free. InfoPrint Manager then tries to load only the page segments required for page 23. Because unnecessary page segments have been removed from printer memory, all of the page segments for page 23 can be successfully downloaded into the printer. No messages are reported to the server and no message pages are printed.
  3. All 30 pages of the job print successfully.