1. As soon as the paper jam occurs, printing stops and the destination (printer) object changes to red.
    • A message is sent to the operator:
      0420-466: The destination reported a paper jam; clear the jam.
  2. The actual destination (printer) object's destination-state changes to "needs key operator."
    • InfoPrint Manager waits until the paper jam has been cleared.
  3. The operator then clears the paper jam, according to the printer jam recovery procedure. Some damaged pages are usually discarded as part of this procedure.
  4. Once the printer jam is cleared, the destination (printer) object is no longer red. Using station counters from the printer, InfoPrint Manager repositions to the correct page and continues printing the document. If Interrupt Message Pages are activated, InfoPrint Manager will insert an IMP at this point to mark the location of the error. See Using Interrupt Message Pages for more information.
  5. At the end of the document, a message page is printed which contains this:
    • 0420-094: The following messages were generated for file /info/paperjam with Job ID 787. This file printed on the InfoPrint destination ip32, which is a 4332 destination.
    • 0420-467: A paper jam occurred in the destination while printing this job. Inspect the output to determine if it is complete and that all printed pages are acceptable.