Helpful non-InfoPrint Manager commands and log files

The high availability applications provide a series of log files and commands that can provide valuable information about how your high availability process is operating. For examples of how these commands and log files record data, please consult your relevant high availability application documentation.

Helpful non-InfoPrint Manager Commands for AIX

Command Purpose
lsfs Displays the file systems on your system in a column format that shows:
  • Name
  • Nodename
  • Mount Point
  • Type of Volume File System
  • Size
  • Options
  • Whether AutoMounted or not
  • Whether accounting applies or not
netstat -i Displays active internet connections and active UNIX domain sockets.
netstat -rn Displays the routing tables for all destinations defined on your server.
no -a Displays all network options set on the server in a list format.
lsvg -o Displays the volume group defined on your server.
lsdev -C -c* Displays the logical devices defined on your system.
ifconfig -a Provides a display of the network adapters defined for the interface.
clshowres Displays the PowerHA cluster resources defined on your system.

Helpful non-InfoPrint Manager Commands for Linux

Command Purpose