InfoPrint Manager and SAP R/3

A large international corporation is committed to an SAP R/3 enterprise to manage their data processing across all departments. They especially appreciate the SAP R/3 option provided by InfoPrint Manager. InfoPrint Manager and SAP R/3 combine to provide a robust solution that manages all printing the way SAP R/3 manages and keeps track of their entire business, from external documents sent to customers, to reports created for internal distribution and printed at the desktop. Because InfoPrint Manager can manage both the high-end production printers and the low-end desktop (network) printers, it meets their needs like no other print application on the market today.

An InfoPrint Manager SAP R/3 configuration

An InfoPrint Manager SAP R/3 configuration, including InfoPrint Manager and SAP R/3 servers, AFP resources on the InfoPrint Manager server, and several printers

SAP R/3 has become a popular choice for medium to large-sized companies that require an integrated software product to provide basic business automation. The R/3 client/server application provides business a series of integrated modules that span the major functions of finance, manufacturing, sales distribution, and human resources. InfoPrint's four decades of experience in printing and data management translates into billions of pages printed annually in more that 130 countries, solidifying our leadership position in the enterprise printing environment. Integrate InfoPrint's printing expertise with SAP's leading business application software for a winning combination.