Displaying specific messages for a transform server

To display specific messages:
  1. On the Job Log for the transform server, select or enter data for one or more of the criteria fields.
    With the Issued within field, you can specify the messages to include for 1-7 days, 1-24 hours, or All to specify all messages. Paging controls appear at the bottom of the Job Log. You can use these controls to move forward, backward, and jump to a specific page of the log. You can also specify the number of entries shown in the log by changing the number in Display.
  2. Click Refresh.
    The list of messages is updated based on the criteria you selected.
  3. Click Export.
    You see a message that the export might take time to process. Then you see the system Export Log dialog so you can save the log to disk.
  4. Click OK after entering the location where you want to save the log.
  5. Click Close.

You can also click Export Traces on the InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature main page to export the logs for a selected server.