Managing transform servers

To manage transform servers, on the InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature main page:
  1. To start, stop, add, or remove transform servers, check one or more transform servers in the Transform Server Select column.
    You can also export logs about one or more transform servers that you have selected.
  2. Select one of these actions:
    Action Description
    Start Initialize the selected transform servers so they can start accepting new transform requests.
    Stop Let the selected transform servers complete processing current requests and then become unavailable to accept new transform requests.
    Add Define a new transform server to Transform Feature.
    Remove Remove the selected transform servers from Transform Feature.
    Export Traces Capture the traces for the selected transform servers, pack them, and save them on your local computer.
    If you select the Add action, you see the Add Transform Server page. If you select the Remove action, you see the Confirm Removal of Transform Servers page. Otherwise, Transform Feature does the action and a message box indicates the status of the action.