Changing the polling interval

When the GUI is started, it queries the server for the information to display. After these queries finish, the server keeps the GUI informed of changes by sending events to the GUI. However, some information changes too dynamically for the server to efficiently send updates to the GUI. To stay current with the server, the GUI periodically polls the server for the latest values of these dynamic attributes.

In a heavily loaded server, these periodic requests for information can cause problems. For best performance, the GUI should be configured to minimize the amount of polling.

There are two ways to tune GUI polling. With the first, you adjust the polling interval, which defaults to 120 seconds. The polling interval should be set to the maximum amount of time that the operator can go without seeing the latest information. To set the polling interval, go to OptionsCustomize General tab in the GUI. Set the GUI polling interval by entering the desired values in the Update dynamic details every field.

The second way to tune GUI polling is to configure the GUI so that the dynamic information is not displayed. The GUI must poll for the information displayed in the Copies Complete, Pages, Sheets, and Est Comp Time job details columns, and in the Attention actual destination column. If the information presented in these columns is not needed, you should use OptionsCustomize General tab feature to remove these columns.

During the polling interval, retained jobs that are displayed in the GUI are scanned by the GUI to update the Delete in column and the retained job's icon. As the number of retained jobs increases, the scan can cause a momentary hang in the GUI. With systems that contain a large number of retained jobs, you should turn off the Display retained jobs in main window option to improve GUI performance.

Note: If none of the dynamic details views columns are visible, the GUI will not poll the server.