File systems

The main file systems used by InfoPrint Manager include:

  • /var/pddir/default_cell (PDNAMESP)
  • /var/pd (PDBASE)
  • /var/psf
  • /var/psf/segments

InfoPrint Manager requires adequate space to store its data in these file systems. Each pdserver automatically monitors these file systems as well as /var/spool/lpd, and /tmp. When InfoPrint Manager detects a disk space low condition on any of these file systems, it logs a message in the error log and sends a notification if requested. See the chapter entitled “Monitoring memory and space on your system” in the InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Procedures or InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Proceduresfor more information about the InfoPrint file systems monitoring and notification.

To plan for your disk space, you need to understand what is stored in each of these file systems.