FIELD Command as Used in this Example

In the FIELD command, the START and LENGTH parameters specify the location of the field in the record to be processed. START indicates the starting byte position, and LENGTH specifies the number of bytes in the field.
setunits linesp 6 lpi;
PAGEDEF rel9  replace yes
  direction across width 8.5 in height 11.0 in;
LAYOUT 'abc' position 0 IN 1.0 IN;
/* The fields will be placed at +120 pels, +24 pels (next) */
/* and +48 pels (.20 IN) from lines previously placed on page */
setunits linesp 10 lpi;
LAYOUT 'def' position 0 relative next;
  FIELD START 1 LENGTH 3 position 0 IN .5 IN;
  FIELD START 4 LENGTH 3 position 0 IN next;
  FIELD START 7 LENGTH 3 position current .20 IN;