RICOH InfoPrint Manager™ for Windows

This information applies to RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Windows Version 4.12.1. See the Release Notes in the table below for details.

Information Center

The Information Center includes topics that help you learn about InfoPrint Manager and how to use it. To access a topic, select it from the content tree in the left pane.

PDF Documentation

You can view PDF versions of the Information Center content using these links:

Number Title
G550-1071 InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Planning Guide
G550-1072 InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Getting Started
G550-1073 InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Procedures
Release Notes InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Release Notes
S550-1052 InfoPrint Manager: Reference
G550-1053 InfoPrint Manager: PSF Server, and Transform Messages
G550-20129 InfoPrint Manager Secure Print: Installing and Configuring
S550–1051 InfoPrint Manager: SAP R/3 Planning and Configuring Guide
G550–1057 InfoPrint Manager: AFP2PDF Transform Feature: Installing and Using
G550–20160 InfoPrint Manager: Installing InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature
S550–0801 Page Printer Formatting Aid for Windows: User’s Guide and Reference
G550–1342 AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF)
S550–1188 InfoPrint Manager: Dictionary of Keywords
Glossary InfoPrint Manager: Glossary
Font Summary InfoPrint Fonts: Font Summary