current-job-state (Job Only)

Identifies the current state of the job.

GUI label





Non-settable, single-valued

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym job-state.

Allowed Values

InfoPrint sets and updates this value as the job processes. The value set at a given time is one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Reason
held The job is in a queue and InfoPrint cannot schedule it. Either the job-hold job attribute is set to true or the job is held for some other reason, such as resources not ready. The job-state-reasons job attribute provides the reason.
imposing InfoPrint is arranging the job's pages so that they will print on the press sheets in the right order for final cutting, folding, and binding.
paused The job was paused with the pdpause command.
pending The job is in a queue and is waiting for InfoPrint to schedule and send it to an actual destination.
pre-processing InfoPrint is creating the job.
printing The job is printing on a PSF actual destination. The printing state is not supported by the AIX, BSD, CUPSEmail, Email, or InfoPrint 2000 DSS. Jobs printing on AIX, BSD, or CUPS actual destinations, or sending on email destinations, are in the processing state.
processing InfoPrint has sent the job to an actual destination. The job is processing and printing on an AIX, BSD, CUPS, or InfoPrint 2000 DSS actual destination, processing and sending on an email destination, or processing on a PSF actual destination. Depending on the output device, this can indicate that InfoPrint has sent at least one document in the job to the output device.
retained InfoPrint has retained the job in the server after it finished printing or sending or after it was cancelled. Either the value of the job-retention-period job attribute for the job is greater than zero, or the value of the job-retain-until job attribute for the job is a future time.
ripping InfoPrint is converting the job to raster image patterns for printing. The ripping state is supported only by the PSF, email, and InfoPrint 2000 DSSs.
terminating The job is terminating, either because it has finished processing or because it was aborted. The job-state-reasons job attribute provides the reason.
unknown The server does not know the state of the job because it lost communication with the actual destination to which InfoPrint sent the job.

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

Jobs are in the job state cancelled, pre-processing, and terminating for only a very short time. You might never see them as values for this attribute; however, you might see them as values for the previous-job-state job attribute.