Specifies the formats of the image data, produced by the program that converts line data to AFP data, that this logical destination supports.


Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter any of these fixed values:

  • ioca-uncompressed
  • im1
  • io1
  • io1-g4
  • io1-mmr
  • asis

Default Values

No default values (all valid values supported).

Usage Guidelines

  • InfoPrint compares the document attribute image-out-format to this attribute for job validation. You should use the document attribute when you print line-data documents.
  • The value io1-g4 applies only to the destination. You cannot request this value with the document attribute image-out-format. If the document format is postscript and the value io1-g4 for this attribute is:
    The PostScript transform produces IO1-G4 images.
    Not present
    The PostScript transform produces IM1 images instead of IO1-G4 images, which the printer device associated with an actual destination that receives jobs from the queue associated with this logical destination cannot print.