Viewing enhanced job status, job events, and querying jobs

This procedure describes OMS support for obtaining information about a print job sent to InfoPrint Manager. By using this feature, you can see asynchronous events and synchronous queries about jobs reported to your SAP R/3 system.

To view the status of an output request, use this procedure from the SAP R/3 graphical user interface:

  1. From the Output Requests for Spool Request xxxxxx window (where xxxxxx refers to the SAP spool ID), double-click the output request you want to view in the Status column on the far right.
  2. From the Status Description pop-up window, you can see current information about the job, including the last event received.
  3. Click Events on the Status Description window to get the Events for Output Requests window. From the Events for Output Requests pop-up window and, you can view all the events concerning this job.

    This Events for Output Requests pop-up window is displayed twice to show (1) the right side of the window with the date, time, and current status of the job, and (2) the left-side of the window with its message text.

  4. From the Status Description pop-up window, you can also click Query and issue a query to return the current information for a job, including its position in the queue. For example, the Status Description window displays the result of a query for a job that has been successfully submitted for printing. Notice that the first line shows the job's position in the print queue.

    When you close this query Status Description window, the system updates the latest status for that job in other displays.