Gathering accounting and audit data about print jobs

InfoPrint Manager for Windows lets you gather accounting information about print jobs from two sources:
  • The InfoPrint Manager server (applies to all destination support systems (DSSs)). For more information, see Working with InfoPrint Manager Accounting Information.

    You should use accounting information from the InfoPrint Manager if you:

    • need to track accounting information for all types of InfoPrint DSSs.
    • want to take advantage of the pdaccount command to summarize data in a spread sheet program.
  • The PSF audit, accounting, and post-print accounting user-exit programs (applies only to the PSF DSSs). For more information, see Working with PSF Accounting and Audit User-Exit Programs.

    You should use information from these PSF audit and accounting user-exit programs if you:

    • use only PSF attached printers.
    • need more detailed information than that provided by the pdaccount command.