Managing Access Control Lists security for InfoPrint Manager for Windows

InfoPrint Manager security is a feature that you administer through the InfoPrint Manager Management Console. It lets you protect your printing system by associating an Access Control List (ACL) with an InfoPrint object or operation. An ACL is the list of users and groups who have specific types of permission to do something to or with an object.

Important: InfoPrint Manager Security references the login ID of the current user to determine who is attempting to perform an action. Otherwise, the InfoPrint Manager security system is entirely separate from any Windows security you have set. For example, you cannot use groups that you create with the Windows User Manager in InfoPrint Manager Security- you must create security groups using the InfoPrint Manager Management Console.

If you do not want to use InfoPrint Manager Security, you can turn it off using the server properties notebook in the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI by setting the Security level for your server to none.