The separator page user-exit program

The InfoPrint Manager separator page user-exit program is called before copies of a job (including the very first copy) print. This exit is also called before the error messages and the trailer page ( Supported types of PSF DSS user-exits).

The source code (in the C programming language) for the sample separator page user-exit programs listed on page Sample PSF DSS user-exit programs are located in the install_path\exits\psf directory. These sample programs generate an AFP data stream page.

The data structures for the separator page user-exit program are included with the source code in the install_path\exits\psf\ainuexit.h file. The code for these structures is shown in User-exit program structures.

The declaration of this exit is:


The SEPARATOR_EXITDATA input/output parameter contains all the input and output data needed to communicate between InfoPrint Manager and the user-exit program.

SeeCommon input and output fields and the ainuexit.h file for explanations of the function and structure of the various components of this user-exit.

This field is also found in the separator page user-exit program and provides output information:

Indicates which copy is associated with this call to the exit. Initially set to 1, it increments by one each time the exit is called. The sample separator page user-exit program generates one separator page for the first copy and all subsequent copies of the job.

After you create your separator page user-exit program, you must use the AIX make command to compile the code (see Compiling and installing the user-exit program).