Before using ISMU, make sure you are aware of these recommendations:

  • To run this utility, you must have administrative rights on the system where InfoPrint Manager is running.
  • The InfoPrint Manager must be installed and running at all times.
  • To run ISMU, these programs must be installed on your machine:
    zip and unzip
  • ISMU uses a tool called reg.exe to control the Windows Registry.
  • ISMU also requires Oracle Java Runtime Environment 7.0 or later to be installed on your machine.

  • You can only run ISMU locally. This utility does not have network functionality.

  • When running the ISMU command, make sure to run it as Administrator. When running on a Windows system with User Account Control (UAC) enabled, right click on the ISMU command and select "Run as Administrator" or open a Command Prompt (Admin) console and run the ISMU command from there.