Data stream error example 3 (job is terminated; some pages print):

If page 5 of a 10–page document requests a font (C0D0GT15) which cannot be located, this occurs:
  1. Pages one through four print; page five does not print. Printing of the document ends; pages 6 through 10 also do not print.
  2. A message page will print with these messages:
    0420-094: The following messages were generated for file /info/afp/long.list3820 with Job ID 167. This file printed on the InfoPrint destination psf4317, which is a 4317 destination.
    0423-284: InfoPrint mapped the FGID, GCSGID, width, vertical size combination: 230, 0, 96, 160 to the FCS name C0D0GT15. The FGID.GRD mapping file specified that this mapping be performed.
    0423-291: Map Coded Font (MCF) structured field could not be processed because InfoPrint could not locate the font character set C0D0GT15. Attempted resolution/type(s): 300-pel Font Fidelity for this job was CONTINUE. Destination supported resolution/type(s): 300-pel.
    0420-060: The error occurred with the object type Active Environment Group with token name 1.
    0420-060: The error occurred with the object type page with token name 1.
    0420-060: The error occurred with the object type document with token name LONG.
    0420-098: The error occurred while printing page 1 of copy 1 of this print job.
    0423-302: The font reference in the MCF1 structured field, repeating group number 1, with sequence number 1, at file offset 118, could not be processed successfully. Additional error and diagnostic messages follow.
    0420-729: The error occurred in file /info/afp/long.list3820. The structured field in error was structured field EAG with code X'D3A9C9' and sequence number 1 located at file offset 250.