Database property names for users

Messages about users and their passwords might refer to properties by their database names, which begin with User.

In the Editable column:

  • Yes means that a user can change the value after the user is created.
  • No means that a user cannot change the value.

User properties

Database name Field name Brief description Editable
User.Description User description Contains text that describes the user name. Yes
User.Groups Group membership Contains the name of the group or groups that the user belongs to. Yes
User.ID Displayed in the page title Contains the user name for an authorized user of RICOH ProcessDirector. No
User.LastModified Last Modified The date and time that the user was last changed. RICOH ProcessDirector updates the value whenever the user changes. No
User.Login.Status Logged in Specifies whether a user is logged in to RICOH ProcessDirector. No
User.LocationFilterPreference Locations to show Shows which locations are currently used to filter the user interface. Only objects from locations selected in this list are displayed. Yes
User.LocationSettings Allowed locations Several objects such as jobs, printers, and input devices have a Location property. The Allowed locations property lets you specify which locations a user can access. The setting affects which objects the user can see in the user interface. The user can select which location to use to filter the user interface using the Locations to show property. Yes
User.ModifiedBy Modified by user Specifies the user who made the last change to this input device. RICOH ProcessDirector maintains the value of this property, and updates the value whenever the input device changes. No
User.Password User password Accepts the password for the user. Yes
User.PasswordConfirm Confirm new user password Specifies the password for the new user. Must match the New user password value. Yes
User.PasswordLastChanged Password last changed Specifies the date and time when the password was last changed. No
User.PasswrodNew New user password Specifies the password for the new user. Yes
User.StartPage Start page Specifies which page RICOH ProcessDirector displays after you log in. When a new user is created, this control is not available until a Group membership value is selected. Yes