Document properties template file

The document properties template file, if it exists, determines which properties go into the document properties file for each job. The template file lets you control the number of document properties to be used, as well as the order of the columns in the document properties file. If you need to maximize performance on your system by assigning only a subset of document properties, make sure that any properties needed by your workflow steps are listed in the document properties template file.

A sample document properties template file is located on the product CD in the /samples directory. After installation, you can find it in the directory /path/extensions/doc/samples/. For example, on AIX or Linux, the path is /opt/infoprint/ippd. On Windows, the path is C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector.

The document properties template file lists the database names of document properties. You can include all entries on a single line with a space or a tab character between each property, or you can place each entry on a separate line. When a step based on the ReadDocumentsFromDatabase step template creates the document properties file, it copies the first line from the template file. Then the step creates a separate line for each document associated with the job. Each document description line lists the property values, separated by a tab or space character, in the same order that they appear in the first line. If a value is Not set, an empty string ('') is placed in the file.

Using a document properties template file is optional, but recommended if you need to maximize performance. If you do not use it, all document properties are included in the generated document properties file.

The document properties template file must include all the properties needed by steps that process the document properties file. In addition, the document properties template file must include certain properties, depending on the step that is using the template file. These properties are required by BuildPDFFromDocuments, CreateAFPJobsFromDocuments, and BuildAFPFromDocuments:

  • Doc.ChildJobID (*)
  • Doc.OriginalJobID (*)
  • Doc.OriginalSequence (*)
  • Doc.SequenceInChild (*)
  • Doc.OriginalSheets
  • Doc.DataOffset (for AFP jobs)
  • Doc.DataLen (for AFP jobs)

Document properties marked with an asterisk (*), as well as the Doc.ID property, are automatically included in the document properties file whether or not they are defined in the template.