Workflow to split PDF jobs by document property

Instead of splitting a PDF job into several jobs using job size as the criterion, you might want to use the value of a document property, such as country or sales region. In this scenario, you use a step based on the GroupDocuments step template instead of on the SplitDocuments step template. Each group of documents becomes a separate child job.

You can use a step based on the GroupDocuments step template to gather all the documents of one group into a single child job. You can use up to six grouping criteria to create child jobs. Each child job contains only the members of a group, such as all statements for each of five cities in each of 10 countries. For the parent workflow, you can copy the SortSplitPDF workflow that is installed by PDF Document Support. Remember to delete any steps you are not using, for example the SplitDocuments step. For the child workflow, make a copy of the AssemblePDF workflow.

This table summarizes the recommended workflow configuration using a step based on the CreateJobsFromDocuments step template.

  • If you have customized phase names in your system, the phase names in the table might not match the names in your system.

Splitting PDF jobs by document property using CreateJobsFromDocuments

Parent/child Phase Step
Parent Receive SetJobPropsFromTextFile

In the Input data stream field, select PDF.

Prepare CountPages
Assemble GroupDocuments
Complete WaitForRelatedJobs
Child Receive SetJobPropsFromTextFile
Assemble BuildPDFFromDocuments
Print CountPages
Complete WaitForRelatedJobs