Creating the Output AFP Print Document

  • The print data section (BDT to EDT) is written from each input AFP file. If there are BDT/EDT pairs in the input file, they are written to the output AFP file.
  • As the print data section of each input AFP file is processed, resource reference names are mapped to the new names generated in the first step. This includes structured fields such as Map Coded Font (MCF) and Include Page Overlay (IPO).
  • Explicit Invoke Medium Map (IMM) structured fields are placed in the output stream in the absence of an IMM before the first page of the input AFP file.
  • Warnings are generated for external resource references, missing inline resource groups, and other items.

The resulting file contains all resources across the list of input AFP files combined into a single resource group. Each print document section of each input AFP file is written to the output file with appropriately-updated resource reference names.