The syntax for the afpmerge client command is:

java –jar AfpMerge.jar

The AfpMerge includes a set of required parameters and a set of optional parameters.

The following parameters are required:

The input files list. Specifies the fully qualified list of AFP files to be merged. A semi-colon ‘;’ in the first column means the entire line is a comment.
The output file name. Denotes the fully-qualified name of the merged AFP file.

The following parameters are optional:

No exit on warnings. Use of this parameter instructs the program to not exit on warning conditions. Warnings are still displayed to stderr.
  • Only an AFP expert should use this option.
Trace file. Create a trace file named AfpMerge.trace.0 and AfpMerge.trace.1. The program alternates between these two file names so that only two traces exist on the system at any time.
Verbose mode. Write merge information to stdout. Use this information to determine how internal resources were combined.
Version information. Display version information to stdout.


-l <input file list>, required
-o <output file name>, required
-noexit, do not exit on warnings, optional
-tra(ce), create trace file (AfpMerge.trace.(0|1)), optional
-verb(ose), verbose mode, optional
-vers(ion), version information, optional

One of the following return codes displays upon completion:

For no errors or warnings in the conversion.
No warnings in the conversion.
No errors in the conversion.