The following parameters are required:

Encryption permissions pcsa (p: no printing, c: no changes, s: no selection, a: no adding notations).
Linearize PDF.
  • This parameter is used without any encryption parameters.
  • The Acrobat user interface refers to this as 'Optimised for Fast Web Viewing'.
Encryption PDF Owner Password.
  • This parameter is used only with the -u parameter.
Paper size.
  • Paper size is affected by this parameter when the paper size value is not specified in the PS input stream.
    Paper type Paper size
    letter 8.5in x 11in (default)
    ledger 17in x 11in
    legal 8.5in x 14in
    a4 8.26in x 11.69in
    archA 9in x 12in
    archB 12in x 18in
    archC 18in x 24in
    archD 24in x 36in
    archE 36in x 48in
    a0 33.11in x46.81in
    a1 23.39in x 33.11in
    a2 16.54in x 23.39in
    a3 11.69in x 16.53in
    a4 8.26in x 11.69in
    a4small 8.26in x 11.69in
    a5 5.83in x 8.26in
    a6 4.13in x 5.83in
    a7 2.92in x 4.13in
    a8 2.06in x 2.92in
    a9 1.46in x 2.06in
    a10 1.01in x 1.46in
    isob0 39.38in x 55.67in
    isob1 27.83in x 39.38in
    isob2 19.68in x 27.83in
    isob3 13,90in x 19.68in
    isob4 9.85in x 13,90in
    isob5 6.93in x 9.85in
    c0 36.10in x 51.07in
    c1 25.51in x 36.10in
    c2 18.03in x 25.51in
    c3 12.75in x 18.03in
    c4 9.01in x 12.75in
    c5 6.38in x 9.01in
    c6 4.49in x 6.38in
    jisb0 40.56in x 57.32in
    jisb1 28.67in x 40.56in
    jisb2 20.28in x 28.67in
    jisb3 14.33in x 20.28in
    jisb4 10.13in x 14.33in
    jisb5 7.17in x 10.13in
    jisb6 5.04in x 7.17in
Encryption PDF User Password.
  • This parameter is used only with the -o parameter; otherwise, a permissions are not applied.