InfoPrint Manager System - interoperating InfoPrint Manager servers

The InfoPrint Manager server is a multithreaded process (pdserver) capable of performing many tasks concurrently. Some of these tasks are related to the InfoPrint Manager objects that the server contains. Others have nothing to do with the contained objects. An InfoPrint Manager server with no objects can still serve a vital role in an InfoPrint Manager configuration.

InfoPrint Manager servers can interoperate with each other at many points. Diagram showing interoperation between two pdservers.Not only can you resubmit jobs from one server to another, but you can also configure your system to have a queue in one server feed jobs to an actual destination in another server. And since you can access any object in the system through any pdserver, your clients can connect to the system through any server. This works because each server has three functional parts: command processor, spooler, and supervisor. Any given pdserver can act as a command processor, a spooler, a supervisor, or any combination of these.Line art showing the three parts of a pdserver: Command Processor, Spooler, and Supervisor