Using AFP resources

After creating the text for your document, you will probably want to format it to make it more readable and interesting. You can use images—such as charts, graphs, logos, boxes, and lines—to illustrate or to separate various sections. You can also use fonts to emphasize different areas of text. You might like to draw from a catalog of predefined graphic and text elements created for your enterprise. You might like to combine text and graphic elements into segments (such as footers, headers, or side bars) that you can position as single units on the page. To ensure consistency, you can specify common elements and layout for documents of the same type.

Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) resources provide powerful tools for controlling the appearance of your documents. InfoPrint Manager includes a number of AFP resources. The different types of AFP resources follow:

Color management resource
Color management resource (CMR) is an architected resource that is used to carry all of the color management information required to render a print file, document, group of pages or sheets, page, or data object with color fidelity.
Data object resources
Data object resources are a type of AFP resource; they can be an IOCA file or a type of file natively supported by a particular model of printer (for example, an EPS file on an InfoPrint Color 130 plus). In addition, if you use the transforms that come with InfoPrint Manager to convert objects into AFP first, these non-native types of files can be used as data object resources as well. In InfoPrint Manager, data object resources are grouped with BCOCA and GOCA objects,