Specifying -o attribute-value pairs

In InfoPrint, options appear as strings after the -o flag in the format keyword=value. For example,

enq -P DestinationName -obin=2 -oduplex=no FileName

Consider these situations when using -o with an AIX print command or with the lprafp command:

  • The -o flag is not valid on the pdpr command. Use the similar or equivalent InfoPrint attributes listed for each -o keyword.
  • Do not specify InfoPrint attributes with the -o flag.
  • All -o keywords override the equivalent flags specified with the print commands (such as the -N flag of the enq and qprt commands).
  • If you specify the same keyword with the -o flag multiple times, InfoPrint uses only the value of the last occurrence.
  • When using keywords with the -o flag, you can use blanks between the keyword and the -o flag (for example -o bin=1). You cannot, however, use blanks between the keyword and the value (for example, -o bin=1 is valid;