InfoPrint Manager online message catalog

InfoPrint Manager supplies a message catalog for the messages that are issued during its operation. For each message, the message catalog includes the text of the message, an explanation, a system action, and a response. You can view all information for a specific InfoPrint Manager error message by issuing the InfoPrint Managerpdmsg or psfmsg utility followed by the message number.

For example, from the command line enter:

pdmsg 5010-096

Messages issued by InfoPrint Manager have these prefixes:

  • 0420
  • 0421
  • 0422
  • 0423
  • 0424
  • 0425
  • 0426
  • 0427
  • 0428
  • 0429
  • 5010

See the InfoPrint Managerpdmsg man page for a complete description of the pdmsg utility.