Applying license files to a InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature installation

This section describes the procedure for applying license files to a InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature installation.
Use this procedure to install the purchase license files on a Transform Feature installation.
  1. Log in as an administrator user, which is also called root user for Linux.
  2. Insert the appropriate Transform Feature DVD in the DVD-ROM drive.
  3. For Linux installations, you must run from the /media/cdrom/license directory.
  4. For Windows installations, select the license\license_keys_installer.exe from the DVD.
  5. A splash screen and a language selection menu display.
  6. Select the appropriate language and click OK.
  7. The Introduction page displays. Click Next.
    Transform Feature is being analyzed.
  8. If an error is reported, follow the instructions on the screen.
  9. Specify the path to the license keys file that you created with Generating License Keys and click Next.
  10. The Pre-installation Summary displays. Click Install.
  11. When the Install Complete screen displays, click Done to complete the installation.