Transform Servers section

The Transform Servers section lists the transform servers that are defined for InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature.

The transform server actions you can do are:

Initialize the selected transform server so it can start accepting new transform requests.
Let the selected transform server complete processing current requests and then become unavailable to accept new transform requests.
Define a new transform server.
Remove the selected transform servers.
Export Traces
Export the log and trace information for the selected transform server.
From the Actions list, select:
  • View Log to display the job log for a transform server
  • View History to display the job history for a transform server
  • Distribute resources to select resource files that you want to copy to another transform server

The Transform Servers section contains these headings:

Indicates whether the transform server is selected for an action.
Host Name
Specifies a host name that is a hyperlink to the host name or IP address of the transform server. When you click the hyperlink, you open the Set Transform Server properties for host, where host is the host name or TCP/IP address of a transform server.
This row contains an icon that is either a green light or a red light:
  • Green indicates that the transform server is running.
  • Red indicates that the transform server is not running.
This row also contains an icon next to each green or red light that shows the transform server connection when the transform server status is either Ready or Transforming:
  • This icon is constantly changing over a five to ten second interval if the connection is active.
  • The icon does not change when the connection goes down. This means that a problem has occurred with the transform server even if the status seems to be OK (Ready or Transforming).
This row contains a text string of the current server status:
The transform server is initializing to accept new transform requests.
The server is running and accepting jobs. No jobs are currently being transformed.
The server is running and is accepting jobs. At least one job is being transformed, and one or more jobs may be in the queue.
The server is in the process of stopping. It is not accepting any new transform requests.
The server has stopped accepting new transform requests.
Lost Connection
The connection to the server has been lost.
CPU Utilization
Shows how much of the CPU is being used. The CPU usage refers only to the machine that the transform server is running on.
Jobs Queued
Contains the number of jobs waiting in the queue to be transformed. Jobs that are transforming are not included