Problem determination checklist

Before you experience a problem with your high availability configuration, Ricoh recommends that you collect this information, especially snapshots of a working system and your current cluster diagram.

Problem Determination Checklist for AIX

Item Checked
Any error messages that appear in PowerHA logs or on the console.  
Your updated cluster diagram.  
A snapshot of your current cluster configuration.  
Details of any customization performed to PowerHA events.  
Details of current AIX, PowerHA, and application software levels.  
Details of any service update applied to either PowerHA or AIX.  
The adapter microcode levels (especially for SSA adapters)  
Cluster planning worksheets, with all components clearly labelled.  
A network topology diagram for the entire network.  
Copies of all PowerHA log files (including the /tmp/hacmp.outfile)  

Problem Determination Checklist for Linux

Item Checked
Any error messages that appear in Linux HA logs or on the console.