Planning and implementing for AIX

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror, formerly called High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP), provides an environment that ensures a fast and reliable recovery of important applications from hardware and software failures. For more information about IBM PowerHA SystemMirror, refer to the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror website. IBM PowerHA SystemMirror is referred to as PowerHA hereafter.

Before installing InfoPrint Manager or any of the components for your PowerHA configuration, you need to plan for the configuration of system resources, plan for the configuration of important file systems across your installation, and plan the sequence that products should be installed on your AIX server.

InfoPrint Manager supports IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 and its subsequent versions.

The following sections provide the PowerHA implementation requirements for InfoPrint Manager:

  1. Resource configuration planning
  2. File system configuration planning
  3. Installation order planning
  • If you are installing InfoPrint Manager for AIX in an existing high availability installation, you should note that InfoPrint Manager appends information to the end of the /etc/inittab file. If a high availability application has been installed on the AIX server before InfoPrint Manager for AIX, the InfoPrint Manager information appears at the end of the /etc/inittab file.
  • InfoPrint Manager is not supported with mutual takeover and cannot run in that environment.
  • The InfoPrint Manager information must be commented out in the /etc/inittab file by adding ":" in front of InfoPrint Manager lines. For example:
    :rcpd:2:once:/etc/rc.pd >/var/log/pd/rc.pd.out 2>&1 # InfoPrint Manager server