Generating and submitting color mapping table source and output files

A color mapping table is a printer resource object that defines a translation from certain MO:DCA structured fields to new color structured fields used by newer printers. Color mapping tables are used to provide support for highlight color attachments with black-and-white printers, such as using the InfoPrint 4005 attachment with the InfoPrint 4100 printer. You can also use a color mapping table to map highlight colors into richer colors on a color printer like the InfoPrint 5000 printer. To apply color to black and white documents, you must use the following procedure to create Color Mapping Table Source and Output Files. See the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference for information about the cmt utility or to the appropriate man page.

You can define translations from non-color fields to color, old color fields to new color fields, and from new color fields to different new color fields. Therefore, you can use existing applications and documents with new color fields without having to change the documents or applications. Also, you can use various color mappings with a single document to print the document using color in different ways without changing the original document.

Using the AFP architectural reference, you can apply color to existing black and white documents. The sample configuration file cmt.cfg contains user-defined specifications, and should be available in the usr/lpp/psf/config directory. The cmt utility that uses the cmt.cfg configuration file should be available in the /usr/lpp/psf/bin directory on your InfoPrint Linux server. Note that a MOD:CA sample color mapping table, named cmtsampl, can be found in usr/lpp/psf/config/. This color mapping table was produced by the sample cmt.cfg file.

The cmt utility lets you create color mappings in a variety of different color modes that are defined through the ColorSpace parameter. For example, the Highlight value can be used when printing to an InfoPrint 4000 printer with an InfoPrint Highlight Color Model HC2 Post-Processor (HCPP). For more information about the HCPP, see the InfoPrint Hi-Lite Color Printer: Library Catalog.