Translating print options to InfoPrint attributes and values

The next table shows the print options and values passed to the shell script in the print-options string, the corresponding InfoPrint attribute, and the attribute value used for the pdpr command for that job.

  • MVS sends print option values in either uppercase or lowercase characters. MVS sends all print option values shown in italics in the next table, such as pagedef, formdef, and font1, in uppercase. It sends other values as shown in the table.
  • InfoPrint sets most attribute values to exactly the same values received from the print-option values; the next table lists these values in italics in the InfoPrint Attribute and Value columns.

Print options passed to InfoPrint Manager MVS Download Receiver shell script

Print Option Passed to Shell Script InfoPrint Attribute and Value for Download for z/OS InfoPrint Attribute and Value for AFP Download Plus
-oac=account "account-text=account" "account-text=account"
-oaddress1=address1 "address1-text=address1" "address1-text=address1"
-oaddress2=address2 "address2-text=address2" "address2-text=address2"
-oaddress3=address3 "address3-text=address3"