Using Management Interface to create an MVS Download Receiver for a default configuration

Before you can begin sending jobs from the MVS JES spool to InfoPrint Manager through the MVS Download feature, follow this procedure to set up an MVS Download Receiver:

  1. Open the InfoPrint Manager Management Interface.
  2. Left-click the MVS Download Receiver item in the left pane to select it.
  3. Right-click the MVS Download Receiver item in the left pane to open a pop-up menu.
  4. In the menu that pops up, select New. The Add MVS Receiver dialog opens.
  5. Fill in the fields according to these specifications. For more information about the dialog and the fields it contains, see the Management Console online help.
    • Port Number: Enter the port number that you want this receiver to use when it communicates with the host system. This number must match the port number that is specified in the Routing Control File used by the MVS Download FSA for this computer's IP address or the PORTNO in the PRINTDEV for the AFP Download Plus FSA.
    • Target Destination: Select the default InfoPrint destination that you want this receiver to submit jobs to from the drop-down list. InfoPrint Manager will only submit a job to this destination if the jobs does not have a DEST specified when it comes from the host system.
    • In the Processing Options group box, both options are selected by default and can be left that way.
      Note: When the Retain command files check box is selected, InfoPrint Manager saves the control files for any MVS Download print jobs that failed in print submission. Therefore, when you want to resubmit those jobs, you do not have to download them from the host system again; the files are still on your InfoPrint server. You can deselect this box, but any jobs that fails in processing will need to be resubmitted from the host to be printed.

      Operators should evaluate any processing failures, correct the problems that caused the failures, and resubmit the jobs either from the host system (if this box is deselected) or from the receiver (if this box is selected).

      For more information, see Resubmitting or deleting MVS Download Receiver orphaned files

  6. In the Error Processing Options group box, neither option is selected by default and can be left that way.
  7. In the Mapping Options group box, none of the options are selected by default and can be left that way.
  8. Click OK.

    One or more pop-up informational messages might appear; read them and click OK to dismiss them.

  9. Select the MVS Download Receivers item in the left pane of the Management Console. You should see the receiver you just created in the right pane. The receiver status might be STOPPED, but it should start momentarily. Click Refresh View on the toolbar until the status changes to RUNNING. Once the receiver is running, it is ready to receive print jobs from the host system.