Indicates whether the queue assigns jobs to actual destinations as soon as they are accepted or waits until an actual destination is available.

GUI label

Preassign jobs to actual destination


Resettable, single-valued

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym assign-to-printer.

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Input Synonym
true yes
false no

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • This attribute is only valid when the queue-type attribute is set to standard-queue.
  • When the value of assign-to-destination is true, the queue assigns jobs to an actual destination as soon as the server accepts them (early binding), unless no actual destination supports a job's required attribute values. If something prevents the assigned actual destination from printing the job, or if another actual destination becomes available first, you must reassign the job using the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.

    Early binding is the defining characteristic of a basic InfoPrint installation.

  • When the value of assign-to-destination is false, the queue waits until a job is next to be scheduled to print, then assigns it to the first suitable actual destination to become available (late binding).

    Late binding is the defining characteristic of a standard InfoPrint installation.

  • A job must be assigned to an actual destination before InfoPrint can calculate the estimated completion time for the job.
  • The server accepts the job even when the actual-destinations-requested specifies a non-existent actual destination only when accept-unsupported-jobs is true and the print queue has assign-to-printer as false.
  • The use of early binding has performance considerations, and early binding is not intended for use in distributed environments or when many actual destinations are associated with the same queue. Therefore, if assign-to-destination is set to true and many actual destinations are associated with the same queue, job submission performance will likely suffer. In this situation, set assign-to-destination to false.
    Note: When changing assign-to-destination from true to false, a performance improvement might not be seen until the InfoPrint Manager is shut down and restarted.