InfoPrint Manager namespace

The namespace for the InfoPrint Manager system is created at install time. It is created in the /var/pddir/default_cell directory by default. The PDNAMESP environment variable can be used to override the default location of the namespace. The namespace file system must be shared among all server machines in an InfoPrint Manager system. See RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started or InfoPrint Manager for Linux for information about setting up a shared namespace, and for information about setting up to share a namespace between InfoPrint Manager for AIX , InfoPrint Manager for Linux , and InfoPrint Manager for Windows .

Terminology Note

A primary server is simply the machine where the namespace file system is physically installed. Secondary servers are not less important; they just run on a machine where the namespace is NFS mounted or otherswise remotely accessed.

The main objects in the printing system are stored in the namespace. These include servers, destinations (both logical and actual), and queues. These types of objects must have unique names in the InfoPrint Manager system since only one entry for a given name for a type of object is allowed.

Note: The namespace is also used to store security information.