Temporary files created by InfoPrint Manager

Use this information when reading the tables in this appendix:

  • xxxxx represents random letters and numbers
  • 0123456789 represents the 10-digit Job ID
  • .1. represents a document number, and can be an integer 1 or greater
  • The Segment list file and Segment lists are created and managed by the psfin process, which deletes them when space is needed in the /var/psf/segments directory.

Temporary files related to processing jobs created by InfoPrint Manager in /var/pd/servername

Files Persistence Description of file
0123456789.log Job in server Job log
0123456789.1.InfoPrint4000.afp Job in server Rip file (AFP output)
0123456789.0.InfoPrint4000.afp Job printing Imposition file created by afpReorder
0123456789.0.server.js Job printing Job level Job Script
0123456789.1.js Job printing Document level Job Script
0123456789.1.afpds.js Job printing Document level Job Script
0123456789.1.mmconfig Job printing MMConfig file passed to afpReorder