Starting the SAP callback daemon from command line

To start the SAP callback daemon, run these commands as an authorized user or as root.

  1. From the Linux command line, verify that you can ping the SAP server by host name:
    ping -c3 hostname

    where hostname is the unqualified name for the SAP server, such as sapsrv.

    If you cannot ping the SAP server by the host name, edit the /etc/hosts file and add the host name and the IP address of the SAP server (for example, sapsrv).

  2. Run the SAP callback daemon.
    /usr/lpp/pd/bin/startcbd SystemName HostName InstanceID User \ 
    Client Password Language

    If the callback daemon has started correctly, you should see this response:

    5010-428 Successfully started SAPCBD

    If you receive any other message, the daemon has not started correctly. To solve the problem, refer any messages displayed in either the message column or by selecting the Server Log object from the left pane of the InfoPrint Manager Management Console to access the Server Log view. Correct the problems cited, and try to start the callback daemon again. If it still does not start correctly, contact your service representative.

    • The Host Name Resolution must be enabled and functional for the sapcbd daemon to communicate correctly with the SAP systems.

    • If the SAP callback daemon has been configured to start at system startup, but it is not running, you can start it by running /etc/rc.iprsap command. This command starts all configured SAP callback daemons.