Using the InfoPrint AFP driver

If you are interested in using the powerful features of AFP in a wide range of environments, you might want to install and use the InfoPrint AFP driver with InfoPrint Select. To install and set up the InfoPrint AFP driver, see "Setting up the AFP driver" in InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Planning Guide. To specify the AFP driver for your printer, follow the directions in the InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started guide, and specify one of these drivers depending on your printer model:

  1. For the InfoPrint 45 printer, specify the InfoPrint AFP 4345 driver.
  2. For the InfoPrint 60 printer, specify the InfoPrint AFP 3160 driver.
  3. For the InfoPrint 2000 printer, specify the InfoPrint AFP 2710 driver.
Once installed, you can click either the Printing Preferences button on Windows systems from the Print window, and then use the AFP driver to specify inline form definitions with finishing options, or make use of other AFP features.