Print Servers section

The Print Servers section lists the print servers that are defined.
  • Before you add an InfoPrint Manager print server, add the ipsitm* user to the acl_admin and admin security groups of the InfoPrint Manager Server.

    The InfoPrint Manager Procudures provides information about working with ACLs and groups.

The print server actions you can do are:

Define a new print server.
Remove the selected print servers.
Retry the connection to register with the selected print server.

The Print Servers section contains these headings:

Indicates whether the print server is selected for an action.
This icon indicates whether the server is running (green) or stopped (red).
Host Name
Indicates the host name or IP address of the print server.
Server Name
Indicates the name of the print server, which might be the same as the host name.
Indicates the type of the print server; that is, InfoPrint Manager.
Indicates the port number for the print server.