Collecting required information for the install

The InfoPrint Installer helps you load and configure InfoPrint Manager on your Linux system. If you have an Linux system with the required prerequisites, you can use your InfoPrint DVD to install InfoPrint on your system. When you use the InfoPrint Installer, you can accept the default setup values provided for you or enter your own values. If you accept the default values, very little configuration information is required from you.

Before you install InfoPrint Manager, you should back up your system. You should check that you have all prerequisite software installed by following the procedure in Verifying Linux rpm packages. You might need to contact Ricoh support to obtain missing prerequisites.

You will need this information:

  • Decisions regarding the configuration options you select during the install
  • The invoice shipped with your software or package list
  • The communications worksheet that you received from your Ricoh representative and have filled out. You can also use the Communications worksheet provided in this chapter.