Printing PCL or PostScript to PSF destinations when using the CPSI transform engine: Specifying which paper bin to use

In general, when you submit a print job through a PCL or PostScript driver, you can use the printer options to specify which input paper bin you want the printer to use. For example, if you know that white 8.5 × 11 inch paper is always loaded in bin one and letterhead is always in bin two, you can select bin one when you want to print a draft and bin two when you're ready to print a real letter.

When you send PCL or PostScript print jobs to a PSF Destination in InfoPrint Manager, the data stream is transformed into Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) before it is printed. By default, most PCL jobs that are transformed use paper bin one, regardless of the bin you specify. Transformed PostScript jobs default to letter-sized paper if no other options are specified, and look for a bin that contains that size paper; they either print on paper from the first bin that contains the right size or fail because they do not find the right paper.

To set up bin mapping, see Editing configuration files.