Using the command line

To create a medium, use the pdcreate command and the medium attributes. Specify:

  • The name of the server where you want to create the medium
  • The medium identifier
  • The size of the medium, using one of these attributes:
    • medium-dimensions specifies the width and length of the medium in millimeters. Be sure to enter the dimensions accurately so that printed output will be aligned correctly on both sides of the medium. You must use this attribute if CUPS actual destinations are to use the medium.
    • medium-size specifies a predefined size by name.

For example, to create a letter-size (8.5 by 11 inches) medium called na-letter-colored in Server1, enter this command:

pdcreate -c medium -x "medium-size=letter" Server1:na-letter-colored

For more information, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference or the pdcreate man page.