What restrictions apply?

These restrictions apply when you create or define values for environment variables:

  • Ensure that newly created environment variables do not conflict with standard variables, such as MAIL, PS1, PS2, and IFS. See the operating system documentation for further information.
  • Ensure that the information in the /etc/profile.d/ipm_environment.sh file is in the NAME=value format. The file is not a shell script and does not accept data in any format other than the NAME=value format.
  • Do not use variables to represent values in the /etc/profile.d/ipm_environment.sh file. For example:
    is not a valid entry in the file. Instead of $PATH, enter a full path name.
  • The format in which you specify the value for any variable that defines directory paths determines whether your value is appended to the current value or overrides it.
    • This format overrides the current value:
      export PATH=/path1:/path2
      If you do not include the InfoPrint Manager directories in the value you specify, you will not have automatic access to InfoPrint Manager.
    • This format appends your value to the current value:
      export PATH=$PATH:/path1:/path2